Jack Russell Terrier Training - Avoiding Bad Behaviors

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The Jack Russell Terrier was first introduced by Englishman Jack Russell for hunting and for small games. Especially talking about the Jack Russell Terrier breed, then they are strong willed and smart dog. This breed of dog can give their owner extreme happiness and at the same time can make their life very miserable with their hyper behavior. Their habits like digging, chasing small mammals, fighting with other dogs, climbing, disobedience and snapping can irritate their owners. So if someone plans to have one of these JRT, then the proper Jack Russell Terrier training should be given to the dog.

As already told that these dog are the diggers dog, so don't leave these dog alone in your backyard as they can go on digging the whole lawn. So the proper supervision is must while training Jack Russell. You can select an area where your dog can dig and let your dog to dig at the selected place. But don't leave the dog alone in the lawn for a week or two. After that they will continue to stick at the same place. If you cannot provide a digging area to your dog, you can scold your Jack whenever he starts to dig. There are many solution to prevent your dog from digging like shock collars, bad tasting sprays, an aluminum can filled with marbles, etc.

Snapping is another bad habit of the jack Russell. They can snap at the time of excitement or also at the time of aggression. You have to recognize it carefully. While playing with a snappy dog, a child should be supervised and not let the dog get much excited because they can possibly bite child. Along with snapping, they have an instinct to kill the rodent which can result in killing the family cat too. Raising your dog around a cat can ultimately raise the chances of being friendly with the cat. This will somehow shows the socializing character of your dog. You also can enroll him in some kind of social place like parks or visiting a friend having dogs. This is important during jack Russell Terrier training because they are very much aggressive towards other dogs. So without socialization aggression is common.

These dogs are very much active one. So they need hours of exercise and play every day. They always seek for challenges and attention. Teach him to play Frisbee at small age. Give them whatever they need or else they will go on doing the bad deeds, incessant barking and find several ways to escape from the fence.

And at last, you can call the expertise if nothing is going well while training your Jack Russell. Training Jack Russell Terrier is lot harder if you are first time owning a dog. But a new fresh face to the dog can do nearly good as that of the expert trainer when it is about Jack Russell Terrier training.

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Jack Russell Terrier Training - Avoiding Bad Behaviors

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This article was published on 2010/10/11