Jack Russell Terrier Training Tips

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Different people have different views on bringing dogs into their home. Most of the people want to keep their favorite breed of dogs as their pet but as some breed of dogs is very hard to train, they just give up their wish and bring some other breed. This is the same reason why many people don't like to adopt Jack Russell as their pet. They believe that it is impossible to train Jack Russell Terrier effectively. But there are other people in the world who have successfully trained these dogs and they even believe that Jack Russell Terriers are the best trained dogs.

If you are also having problem with your Jack Russell, then don't worry. You need to do some good research before involving yourself into something that's really new to you. Jack Russells are from the hunting background. They have a very sharp sense of smell. Due to their hunting nature, they have some kind of barking, digging and aggressive behavior which can be the obstacle in the way of their training. Therefore, you need to be very strong, firm, consistent and highly dominant while training your Jack Russell Terrier. If you don't get succeed in being dominant over him, then you may end up with a Jack Russell Terrier Training you instead. They are highly intelligent and energetic breeds. They will try to show their dominance over you whenever they get the best chances for it. So, be dominant over your Jack Russell from the first day you bring him home and strictly forbid any acts that is beyond the rules of your sweet home.

Be strict while training but show them love and care when they obey your commands. Don't leave your Jack Russells alone for a longer time in your home. With loneliness, they may grow behavior problems in themselves. Pay enough attention and expose him to the surrounding with different sights, smells, people and places from the early age. Regular exercise is also necessary as they are highly energetic dogs. You need to involve them in the training camp to establish submissive nature in them. With submissive nature, the style of your dog won't change but they will become more disciplined and obedient which can be very helpful while training them further techniques and tricks. The more early you start, the better results you can expect of.

To discourage negative behaviors in your dog, you need to deal with patience and positivity. You should punish your dog but with psychological effect. Don't ever hit or beat your dog. It is totally useless and might be dangerous too. Instead take away their fun or something good when you find them misbehaving. It will create a feeling in their mind that they are not allowed to play and have fun when they do such kind of unacceptable activities. Just like punishing for negative behaviors, you should be willing to reward them when they come upon with some real good behaviors. Praise them with rewards to encourage such positive behaviors. This helps in developing such habits and remembering them for a long lasting time.

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Jack Russell Terrier Training Tips

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This article was published on 2010/10/07