Jack Russell Training - 3 Tips

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A Jack Russell terrier is a bold, happy and energetic dog with extremely loyal and assertive nature. They have excellent qualities to be a good companion of the humans and great working ability to solve out the problems. They are intelligent breeds with hunting instinct. They can be equally contented by chasing a toy in your living room or by killing a rat in your barn. In one hand, the funny antics of these dogs will continually amuse you while in other hand their intelligence with boundless energy may sometimes overwhelm you.

By following these 3 tips, you will be able to turn your jack Russell terrier to a very well behaved, obedient and disciplined dog.

1. Early training
Start training your Jack Russell terrier from the first day you bring him home. If you wait to train him, then it will be more difficult later on. Be bold and show him that you are the leader of the house. Don't feed him before you eat and always walk through the doors before your jack Russell. Involve him in regular exercise because he needs to lose excessive energy to be in control.

2. Commands and Socialization
While teaching commands to your Jack Russell, you need to be very careful about not making your dog confused with multiple and too long commands. Instead of saying "Come and sit here", you can say either "come" or "sit" to make your dog understand easily and for a long time. Socialization is necessary because Jack Russell Terriers are very aggressive dogs and they don't go well with other pets. So, interact him with other pets and peoples from the early period. You can also admit him to a training school to teach him proper social skills.

3. Positive Reinforcements and Consistency
Consistency is the key to train any breed of dogs. You need to train your Jack Russell continuously for months and years and then only he is able to catch up your commands. While training, you need to be positive and reward him with treats when he does some good behavior. Negative behaviors should be discouraged but without punishments or beatings. If you want to accomplish Jack Russell training, then you need to be kind in one hand and dominant in other hand.

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Jack Russell Training - 3 Tips

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This article was published on 2010/10/03